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Journal Entry.

Tonight I was on patrol in a place known as ‘Spurs Hollow’. It’s a nice enough little place with a population of 102. I think. Last count. Anyhow, I came across a stallion stumbling around with little appearance of balance. Naturally, I approached, trying to offer aid. He was painstakingly obviously drunk, and I informed him he had to go home because he was intoxicated and he told me to leave him alone.

The poor guy was obviously upset. I recognized him as the CEO of Friendly Insurance. I’m not sure why on Equestria he would be drunk, he had so much going for him. He made more in a minute than I made in a year, I swear. I’m willing to bet simply the designer shirt with the aesthetic suspenders on it was worth more than my armour and my education.

I was saved however by a young mare that I had met once or twice before. It was everything I could do to stop blushing and tell her I’ll leave him to her. Especially since I’d forgone my armour for the night to blend in a little easier. Not that it’s easy to blend in with a mane like mine.

Her name is Moondust, and she’s a Clydesdalian pegasus. She’s quite a bit bigger than me, and she’s only a small Clydesdale. She has the cutest face, and her mane is cut in a spunky sort of way. Her tail is cropped quite short and she wears a cute bow at the base of her tail. The magic in her body has a curious habit of making herself glow in the dark. It’s quite amazing to behold.

Basically? Another really cute mare I can barely talk to without falling over myself.

But hey, I think she thinks I’m a friend. I hope so. I see her as a friend.

Well, until next time.


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